• Sep 4th 2005 at 12:00PM
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Pressured by customers to offer better protection from carjackers and kidnappers, BMW has announced it will introduce the Security Edition of its 5 Series at Frankfurt. To be offered on the 550i and 530i, the bulletproof sedan will feature a reinforced shell that can stand up to a .44 caliber Magnum attack and windows nearly an inch thick. While it's unclear whether or not the Security Edition will be offered in the U.S., there is a good chance you will see one of these coming to a big screen near you.

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      • 10 Years Ago
      Did Range Rover used to offer these types of packages for all the South American drug cartels and Middle Eastern 'dignitaries'?
      • 10 Years Ago
      It's a ".44 Magnum", or ".44 Remington Magnum". No need for the leading zero, or the "-caliber" modifier. Regardless, that's impressive ballistic performance. I seem to recall that Cadillac and Lincoln both do armored vehicles, as well. It seems like a growth market.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Actually, part of the whole point of driving a security edition BMW or Merc is the fact that you CANNOT tell they are up-armored. Around the world (and especially thanks to Iraq) the Chevy Suburban has become the iconic "Client Car" and being seen tooling around in one in parts of the world immediatly translates to "US Government" and/or "High Wealth Target." Someone in a BMW or a Merc is, on the other hand, just another rich guy or yet another corrupt government official.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Hopefully they bumped up the power is car will be heavy. m5 engine maybe ?
      • 10 Years Ago
      Security editions of BMW's (5,7, and X5) and Merc's (E,S, and G) have been around for years. They are always special order from the dealers and are offered in the US.
      • 10 Years Ago
      the article already says the 4.8l engine and the 3.0l engine. I'm guessing the 3.0l version is for the ones who think that they're really important but aren't, cuz with all that extra added weight there's no way the car could make a real getaway.
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