AG Mustang Day 3
The 4.6-liter 3-valve SOHC V8 that lay before me is the Mustang GT's raison d'être. It gives the Mustang its character, power, and that delicious sound.

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Oh, the sound of the V8 with the top down is pure music to your ears. I never wanted to listen to the radio. Personally, this was it for me. I would go down to a Ford dealer and get one.
I planned on discussing pricing later in the series, but I think it should be brought up now. The Ford Mustang GT Convertible (Premium) that I?ve been tooling around retails at a hair over $32,000. For the price, you get a 300-hp V8, four seats, and a convertible top. There is no real competition at this price range. The Chrysler Sebring is a four-place convertible and it retails at about the same level.  The Sebring is obviously not in the same league. Even sporty convertibles, like the Nissan 350Z convertible, are either too expensive or painfully small and underpowered by comparison. Even if you had to pay retail for a Mustang Convertible or even wait for your 2006 to come in, it is worth it. I could not find a better bargain in this segment.
AG Mustang Day 3
AG Mustang Day 3

Ok, back to why this car absolutely rocks. Sure, the lack of a roof does take some of the edge off the Mustang, but you do not buy one of these to go tear up the Tail of the Dragon. The Mustang does handle very well. It?s not particularly light on its toes, but that matters not. Bury it into the turn as clean as possible to set yourself up to blast out of the exit. The 4.6-liter V8 provides enough grunt to pin you to your seat and has an intoxicating roar to keep you wanting more.
You find yourself drag racing at ever stop light to hear that addicting harmony of 8 cylinders at full tilt. You find yourself day dreaming about the next time you drive it. You find yourself checking the weather report and the skies above for another chance to drop the top. Oh, it?s an addicting and satisfying car.
AG Mustang Day 3

Do not even get me started on the how it transforms you into a juvenile punk. Burn outs are the name of the game, and I could not get enough of them in. The Mustang GT (with the five speed manual) will keep you on the look out for the boys in blue. There has to be something illegal about having this much vehicular fun. Of course, the local constables do not take pleasure in thirty-foot smoky burn outs. That?s too bad, because with all this power on tap it?s hard not to act like a complete fool. Turn off the traction control and let it rip. Oh, I need to get out of here and stop typing this stupid review. Here is the warning. If you?re not careful, the Mustang GT (Coupe or Convertible) will turn you into an oil-well drying, ozone-destroying, rubber-burning hooligan that old women and the environmental types will shake their heads at in disgust. Oh, but you?ll be smiling the whole time!

AG Mustang Day 3

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