Jaguar R-D6The current Jaguar S-Type is starting to look a little dated. We had begun to see hope of a new design in the R-D6 Concept. With the current S-Type drawing heavily from Jaguar's past, the new vehicle will have to evolve the design. The R-D6 concept's front end will be carried over to the new car, with a profile change to give the S-Type coupe-like lines. Jaguar has also chosen to skin the 2008 S-Type in aluminum. Others had thought the next S-Type would be derived from a shortened XJ-Type chassis, which is primarily aluminum. This is not the case, and we suspect the S-Type will continue to use the DEW98 platform until a redesign around the premium version of the C1 platform is complete. Jaguar will probably abandon the X-type after 2008, in a move toward lower volume-high profit production. We had mentioned earlier that the highly profitable methods of Porsche are highly esteemed by Jaguar.

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