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We actually got wind of the Lamborghini Gallardo Special Edition a week or so ago thanks to Shinkaze whose forum had pics of the car already posted on Lamborghini's website. Yesterday all of the major auto sites erupted with the news of the Gallardo SE thanks to a press release that was officially distributed by the Italian supercar builder.

Here's the lowdown on the SE:
-    Only 250 will be made
-    $170,000Insert Link
-    Shorter gear ratios
-    An extra 20 hp
-    .2 seconds less 0-60 at 4.0 seconds flat
-    195 mph top speed
-    Optional e.gear paddle shift transmission with "thrust mode"
-    Rearview camera with multimedia screen
-    Six exterior colors with roof, engine cover, front and rear spoilers painted black
-    New "Callisto" rims

Instead of linking you to one of the more popular automotive websites that will just reword the press release, we'll send you to SeriousWheels.com where you can read the press release verbatim and pick up ultra-high res images of the new Gallardo SE. Can you guess what my new desktop wallpaper is?

(read on for more pics)

Lamborghini Gallardo SE_2 450 PR PhotoLamborghini Gallardo SE_3 450 PR PhotoLamborghini Gallardo SE_4 450 PR Photo

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      • 9 Years Ago
      Such beautiful wheels...but what is really humbling is the fact that the Z06 will be faster to 60. Eek. Though I could never compare a 'vette to such a magnificent piece of automobilia.
      • 9 Years Ago
      yeah, im guessing that vette is gonna handle better too... and the driver will feel reassured when he hits 195mph in a gm made car... humbling is the fact that a miata will beat a z06 to 60 if you drop 40,000$ of engine mods... and still have a few grand to spend on cheap hookers that would have otherwise been wasted on that z06
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      Thanks for citing me ;-)
      • 9 Years Ago
      The Interior looks so roomy but the outside gives u the impression that ur going to be cramped and squashed... i love this effect small nift car with loads of room (wicked)
      • 3 Years Ago
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