• Jul 21st 2005 at 3:00PM
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The ink has yet to dry on the NSX's death certificate and already Acura has announced that a V10 will be the motivating force for its replacement when it arrives sometime in 2008 or 2009. This addresses the single largest complaint about the original NSX, which has always been its lack of power. No doubt this move was prompted by Nissan's preparation of a new Skyline GT-R, as well as the announcement by Lexus of a new super coupe called the LF-A. [We openly welcome this battle between Japanese supercars -Ed. RH]
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      • 10 Years Ago
      "If I recall correctly, their [formula] race engine was a V10." All Formula 1 engines are currently V10s (next year they'll be V8s or rev-limited V10s will be allowed). I'm sure that's exactly where Honda got the idea to use it as a powerplant (similar to the upcoming BMW M5/M6). Hopefully Honda's production V10 doesn't blow up with the same regularity of their Formula 1 V10. In '04, it was Honda versus McLaren to see who could put on the best smoke display. Honda won. The irony of Honda having the most unreliable powerplants in Formula 1 was (is?) an amusing bit of irony. To pre-empt a few comments : Yes, I'm well aware that production engines will not be tuned/pushed anywhere near the limits of a racing engine.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Honda to v-10 as ferrarri to 4 cylinder. A v-10 from Honda would be killer, but don't get your hopes up too high. More likely v-6 with electric motor assist or maybe supercharged v-8. remember Hondas are all about being environmental friendly and fuel economy. No harm in keeping high hopes though.
      • 9 Years Ago
      I always liked the look of NSX and now it will be backed up by some power. Legenday handling plus huge dyno numbers wiil leave Nissan, toyota, and mazda in the dust. But how is it going to go against '06 Z06?
      • 10 Years Ago
      I must say this is long overdue. Pricing won't stay at where it is now, you're looking at 125 to 150K easy. At least it'll be the car it should have been long ago.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Yahooo, a V10! Can we say 500 hp boys and girls!
      • 10 Years Ago
      Now if they would chop off two cylinders and drop some V8s into the Acura lineup, they could actually compete with Lexus and Infiniti. The return of the Japanese supercars is nearly complete... all that's missing is for Mazda to hurry up and approve a 2-door rotary sports car with forced induction.
      • 10 Years Ago
      I 2nd that, very cool on more Honda cylinders [in a prod. car.] If I recall correctly, their [formula] race engine was a V10. jdmRHDtypeR: if you've got time, click the Skyline GT-R link in the post to read my comments in the other post's comments about the Skyline/G35 relationship. http://www.autoblog.com/entry/1234000643044563/ In short, the Skyline is not based on the G35. The G35 is a rebadged clone of the JDM Skyline. And I prefer the look of the old GT-R's from the 80's, myself. As for the new GT-R... I've never seen a pic of it... just a pics of the regular Skyline [not Skyline GT-R]. The old, non-GT-R versions of the 80's Skylines had boring, plain, bodies, too, just like the G35/Skyline. I imagine the GT-R version will have a much more muscular body to match it's capabilities, just like all our favorite GT-R's from the past have had vs. the regular Skylines. Just my two cents.
      • 10 Years Ago
      the new g35 based skyline looks like ass and cheese compared to the r34. i'll take the lf-a.
      • 10 Years Ago
      I wonder if it will stay in the same price range as it is now.
      • 10 Years Ago
      I knew it. I was wondering what Honda was smoking when decided to ditch plans for the HSC concept. It took news of the impending release of the LF-A and Skyline to get the Honda folks to finally wake up and start being Honda again. Not that I can afford any of the above anyway.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Holy crap, Honda's finally broken the six-cylinder barrier. This is going to be great.
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