In a recently released survey from Drive For Life (hint: turn down your speakers before clicking on the link), most drivers admitted to engaging in risky behavior while driving. OK, so a lot of that depends on what constitutes as "risky behavior". I think most of us can agree that driving 5 MPH over the speed limit isn't always dangerous, which is probably why 75% of drivers think that it's OK. What's more interesting is that while 25% of all drivers think that 10 MPH over is acceptable, that number jumps to 50% for drivers aged 16-20. Sixteen percent of drivers admit to driving in a "hostile or aggressive manner" while running late, 43% talk on the phone while driving, and 52% chow down on food when behind the wheel. Ten percent admitted to engaging in a "romantic moment" while driving, but the report does not go into further detail on that topic.

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