• Jul 1st 2005 at 5:10PM
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This is nice follow up news to the previous announcement that Toyota would build a hybrid Camry in the US. Nissan will be building its Altima Hybrid at their plant in Smyrna, Tennessee. The Smyrna plant builds the Maxima, Altima, Frontier, Xterra, and Pathfinder. Nissan is investing $10.4 Million in the plant to prepare for the Altima Hybrid, which is supposed to be built with Toyota's Synergy Hybrid technology. Production is slated to begin in 2006. This is nothing of a surprise, Nissan had already announced plans to build the hybrid Altima. Since they build the Altima at their U.S. plant, it only makes sense to build the hybrid there too.

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      Big yawn. In New Zealand, we've had hybridsI define that as a car with two sources of fuelsince 1979. I remember driving my father's '85 Ford Sierra and switching between natural gas and gasoline (a bit tricky in the days before electronic switching). Commonplace here until Big Oil forced them off the market in the 1990s. I'm with iQuack: I'm sick of the premium you have to pay for these so-called "new" ideas. What we had was subsidized by the government so we didn't have to rely on the Arabs. Sensible, but like all sensible ideas, wimpy governments don't carry them through when the multinational oil companies cry foul. Now we join you guys there in the States in going 'Wow' over the Prius because people, in general, have short, short memories. And because people, in general, are gullible.
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      Hybreds will never make it here. the manufactures hike up the prices on these useless vehicles so much that the amount of money one might save on gas is eaten up by the jacked up retail price. What car manufactures should be doing is making gas engines that get 50+ miles to the gallon. ***Just a note**** These cars do exist. They just are not in the USA. When one buys a gallon of gas, the amount of tax both federal and state can add up to quite a bit of money. Do you think the governments want cars that get 50+ miles to the gallon? I think not. They would lose millions of tax dollars. So instead, we are stuck with Hummers and other SUV'S getting 15MPG or less. If people stop buying these gas guzzlers, ( and i do believe that time has come) manufactures will have no choice but to build high mileage vehicles. It happened in the 70's, when the Arab oil embargo took place. This is when the Japanese auto makers like Datsun started selling cars like the B210 (40MPG) in the US an instantly grabed a foothold here. I do believe with current gas prices this will happen again.......
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      Oh, do be green. Eat some grass today!
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