• Apr 22nd 2005 at 9:22AM
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The MC12 is pure homologation and won't be sold in the U.S. The 630 horsepower road car owes its beginning to the Ferrari Enzo but makes plenty of styling and size changes that disguise that fact. The Maserati is longer and wider which helps add 133 more pounds than the Ferrari. We're sure there are a few rabid U.S. car fans with mountains of money that will work hard to import the $800,000; the allure is just too much.

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      Yeah that was a diesel episode. Breaking the carbon fiber wing on that wall. Over $5000 pounds in damage. Insane... I wish I had that much money to throw a car like this around and laugh about it.
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      Correction to the above MC12 siting. This was, in fact, an MC12 but it was purchased along with the Enzo by a fellow from Florida and it (along with the Enzo) had just been shipped to Baltimore where the owner and his mechanic were preparing to drive them back to Florida. A side note, the guy's wife was driving a Rolls Royce Phantom. According to those in the know, this is the first MC12 to hit the U.S. I was fortunate to get a closer look and it is one sharp sled. Of course, the Enzo was no slouch either...
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      ^^ puff daddy does. jay-z does. dame dash does. and i wishe them all a happy passover.
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      Steve Wynn of Wynn hotels is the owner of one of the MC12s in the Country and we are the owner of the other. We actually sold the MC12 to Steve. If anyone else is interested in obtaining one of these cars please contact Grant Manny at (847) 989 0586.
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      If you watch the BBC show Fifth Gear, they did a piece this past week on a guy who owns one of these. He drove it, in the rain, on public highways, to a hotel. He parked it overnight in the lot, and the next day took it to a snowy track, accidentally dinged a wall with it, and drove it back home again. He says cars are meant to be used. Fantastic.