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The most expensive Cadillac ever built may be here sooner than anyone expected. Cadillac's recent success and want to push into the upper echelons of the price category and compete with the 7 series and S-Class has made the ULS a reality. Ever since Lutz drove the Sixteen concept on stage at the 2003 Detroit show, speculation has run wild. And while the over $100,000 car will not be powered by a 16-cylinder engine like the concept, a V-12 waits in the wings for Caddy (next Escalade-V anyone?) and will most likely be the powerplant.

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      • 10 Years Ago
      oh, they should most DEFINITELY do this... what a gorgeous car...
      • 2 Years Ago
      Awesome !!!
      • 10 Years Ago
      the S-class, 7-series, A8, XJ8, are all 4doors, so if it looks like that, it won't be a competitor. Why not just make an STS with a nice interior? its already roughly the same size and the V has the same power, so maybe make it a little bigger and drop the -V powertrain in it.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Wow, what a concept, a Cadillac that's not a rebadged Chevy!
      • 10 Years Ago
      The ULS is a sedan with 4 doors. The picture is the Sixteen concept which was a four door w/o the posts. The DTS is a $45-60,000 car with FWD, no way any threat to the S-series, A8 or S-class crowd, so there is no way that it could be marketed that way. The $100,000 range is somewhere that the American lux crowd has never competed in and I think it's a good idea to give a shot.