• Jan 6th 2005 at 6:01AM
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For a year auto enthusiasts waited. Chrysler toyed with us by giving test drives and showing that the ME Four-Twelve was not just a concept, but a full-running supercar. They said they'd build it if it made financial sense. Guess what? It doesn't. DCX pulled the rug from under us by announcing that they could not make spending "hundreds of millions of dollars" while the company is still rebuilding. Why do we have to be constantly reminded who wears the pants in the DCX family?

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      • 10 Years Ago
      ME4-12 is a reskinned Pagani Zonda?
      • 10 Years Ago
      Pagani Zonda has an AMG powerplant? I had no idea.
      • 10 Years Ago
      Guess DCX felt one super-car in it's line up was enough. Too bad, I think this stood out from the SLR and I really dug it. Well, guess that leaves GM in the Big Three to answer Ford's GT.
      • 10 Years Ago
      No problem. The ME-4-12 was a re-skinned version ot the Pagani Zonda, which will be available in the US from early '06. Now THERE's a load off your mind.
      • 10 Years Ago
      In fairness to DCX, haven't they also put on hold the next McClaren supercar?