Strong selling 300CAutomobile Magazine announced its list of All-Stars this year including their car of the year, anti-climatic drum roll please, the Chrysler 300C. At least Automobile gives us a long list of other cars that made the squad and many of them we agree with. Click below for a full list lifted from their press release.

? Automobile of the Year: Chrysler 300C - At a time when the American auto industry needs heroes, the 300C wins the medal of honor, hands down. Chrysler?s 340-hp, Hemi-headed honey has taken America by storm.

? All-Star Coupe: BMW M3 ? The M3?s 333 hp is a lot, and so is nearly $50,000 - but the M3 is worth every penny because it rewards every bit of skill a driver puts into it.

? All-Star Family Car: Subaru Legacy ? The Legacy beat out the competition because it can be all things to all people: a refined, high-quality, comfortable freeway cruiser and a sporty back-roads car, with fine steering and brakes and a sweet shifter.

? All-Star Luxury Sedan: Audi A8L ? The A8L is impossible to ignore, to resist, or, for the foreseeable future, to surpass. Driving it is a no-fuss experience, and it engagingly does anything and everything asked.

? All-Star Minivan: Honda Odyssey ? Toyota, Nissan, and Chrysler have threatened the champ?s reign, but the all-new 2005 Odyssey delivers another knockout punch to the segment.

? All-Star Pickup: Toyota Tacoma ? The new Tacoma is the best truck in its set, offering more configurations than any competitor, with refinement and impressive engineering.

? All-Star Small Car: Mazda 3 ? This compact sedan has an attractive price and a spacious cabin, and enthusiastic drivers can enjoy it on roads where poise matters more than trunk volume.

? All-Star Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette ? The sixth-generation Corvette yanks at the heartstrings of enthusiasts and turns heads wherever it goes. The car is so good that anyone can be a hero in it.

? All-Star Sport-utility Vehicle: Cadillac SRX ? With edgy styling that distinguishes it from its boxlike brethren, the driver-centric SRX is an uncompromising blend of performance and utility.

? All-Star Sport Sedan: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR ? This vehicle offers major grunt, great gobs of grip, four doors, five seats, visceral performance coupled with a remarkably supple ride, and great fun, all at a price your CPA could love.

? All-Star Design: BMW 6-series ? This dramatic, functional, and exciting automobile stands out like a swan in a gaggle of geese.

? All-Star Technology: Audi DSG ? The Audi TT is the first to market with what could be the transmission of the future: the Direct-Shift Gearbox designed by BorgWarner, which combines the best features of manuals and automatics.

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