• Dec 10th 2004 at 6:04AM
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I never liked this story since the first time I read it. Let me give you some background. Over 60 owners of CRVs had their cars catch on fire after an oil change. Months ago Honda dismissed it as a fluke and blamed their service technicians for the problem. Now Honda has admitted that a piece of the original gasket around the oil filter may get stuck to the block and cause the new filter to not fit right, spilling oil and setting a fire. Fine, but it's this jab at their US technicians by a Honda spokesman that gets under my skin: "We don't know why some of the gaskets remained stuck to the engine blocks, but if they have been properly removed…as done outside of the United States…there would have been no problem," "As done outside of the United States." That rubs me the wrong way. Honda is sending bulletins to CRV owners warning them of the fires and to grant those that had initial oil changes in the past 30 days a free checkup and replacement oil filter.

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      Whenever I change my oil I visually inspect the mating surface on the block and clean it with a cloth .. basic oil change 101 really. So it is pretty shoddy that these dealers (I presume) are screwing up like this. It's pretty sad, really, how the dealer experience is in the US. (On all brands.) I was just in Japan and my friend has a 2005 CRV he just bought and you wouldn't believe the service you get in Japan. Amazing.
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      Have you had to deal with a mechanic at a Honda dealership? They easily fit the dealership mechanic stereotype. Honda is know for the quality of it's cars and the lack of quality of it's dealerships.
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      My mom has a honda crv 2004. She has been back to the dealership several time for burning rubber smell in the passenger side rear. We keep getting the run around from them. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem. Please email me www.pandc0520@yahoo.com