It's none too surprising with the boom in car sales in China the number of accidents and fatalities would also rise. Surprisingly the culture treats cars with a healthy does of obsession and the wait for costly driving schools is long and the price high. A course can cost between $380 to $520, while the average Chinese citizen makes about $1,000 a year. This doesn't sound good though: "Motorists swerve across several lanes of traffic to exit a highway, drive in bicycle lanes, veer across oncoming traffic for left turns and merge with nary a glance over their shoulders." They actually have a term for these kinds of drivers in China, "Road Killers." The country has 1.9% of the worlds cars but accounts for 15% of global fatalities, more than twice as many deaths than in the U.S. and we have 30% of the world's cars. These statistics are frightening.

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